B’shoot Review: Nacho Picasso’s Crowd So Baked They Crave Actual Nachos

“Whatever I took earlier just kicked in,” Nacho Picasso said halfway through his set at the TuneIn Stage, eliciting an eruption of enthusiastic cheers.

Nacho’s fans probably felt a little something kicking in too—the Fisher Green has never been greener than during his performance. A thick hazy cloud of pot smoke hung heavily over the crowd the entire glorious duration of the show. It was hard to find people in the crowd who weren’t wearing clothes with cannabis leaves or Bob Marley on them. It was lovely watching everyone exercise I-502 to its fullest effect amid Nacho’s dark stoner jams with titles like “Haile Selassie” in honor of the Ethiopian King/Rastafari messiah.

Nacho Picasso, the owner of Seattle’s most interesting Twitter account, did not disappoint fans with lines like “Snorting blow off my dick like she Traci Lords.” He brought Seattle Weekly’s Best Hip Hop artist Jarv Dee up to the stage for most of the show to accompany him with his trademark “sinus-whine.” The duo absolutely slayed—say what you will about the lurid lyrics, these dudes rap really hard. Even the grey haired bespectacled man standing next to me was bopping along. As “My Neck, My Back” famous Khia told me just weeks ago, “the nasty” has the ability to transcend “age, race, and nations.” Her testament lives on today in Nacho Picasso.

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