Macklemore To Star in Sesame Street Episode as Grouch King "Mucklemore"

Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" apparently spoke deeply to Oscar The Grouch's junk-chic sensibilities.

The Seattle rapper is making his way over to Sesame Street to star in his own special celebrity episode out in September 2014.

In the episode, Ben Haggerty is being recast as "Mucklemore," a sort of street urchin Mad Hatter character who helps "Oscar and his fellow grouches recycle their garbage to a parody of his smash hit "Thrift Shop," according to Billboard.

"I think it's every rapper's dream to make it on Sesame Street," says Macklemore.

Above: Behind the scenes of the "Mucklemore" episode.

Unlike other celebrity appearances on the children's show, Macklemore's spot won't simply be a one-off segment. The "Mucklemore" character will be woven throughout the entire episode.

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