Michael Stusser’s Cover Story About Turning 50 Has Its Own Trailer

When Michael Stusser writes something for Seattle Weekly, dude goes all out. He doesn’t just talk to Siri, he sleeps with her. He doesn’t just explore the CrossFit phenomenon, he embeds himself for a month in what looks like “a deranged beefcake’s mad laboratory” and proceeds to "blow his WOD."

And, as he’s proven this week, he doesn’t just write about the harrowing experience of turning 50, he makes a freakin’ movie trailer to commemorate (read: hype) it.

See for yourself:

The Last of the Boomers Wonders... Is 50 Still Old? from Seattle Weekly on Vimeo.

Now that you’ve seen Michael Stusser’s ass crack (which, yes, is featured in the trailer), read his full cover story, the appropriately titled “Fucking Fifty,” here.

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