Herkimer Coffee Coming to SLU; Brunch Class at Book Larder

Adding to its Phinney Ridge and U-District cafes, Herkimer Coffee is opening a third location at 901 Dexter in South Lake Union. “We’re so excited,” Herkimer General Manager Kara Macdonald says. “It will be fantastic to be in that area with all its new developments.” In addition to SLU employees, Macdonald hopes the forthcoming Herkimer will serve as a pit stop for cyclists commuting downtown from Fremont or Wallingford. The cafe’s doors are scheduled to open in August.

In other news, chef Rachel Coyle is leading an egg-centric Sunday brunch class at Book Larder this weekend. She’ll be teaching recipes from the excellent new Phaidon release, How to Boil an Egg. At last check, space remains for the 10 a.m. session featuring Eggs Florentine and Genoise Sponge Cake. Learn more here.

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