All The Single Ladies: Seattle Is the 6th Best City For You

Put your hands up. Apparently, Seattle is the 6th top US city for all you single ladies. According to this Redfin analysis which ranked women by how long they remained unmarried, their income, the rate at which they graduate with college degrees, and the “surplus of single men” (whatever that means), Seattle is a great place to be a smart, successful female. Microsoft is attributed as one of the city’s highest female employers. Ranking above us are:

1. Arlington, VA

2. Alexandria, VA

3. Cambridge, MA

4. Washington DC

5. San Francisco, CA

Ironically, Seattle also recently ranked high up on a different list about women.

Seattle was number 11 on the list of US cities with the highest wage disparity between men and women, earning an average of 73 cents on the dollar that men make.

The hot-button issue has come to the forefront of the mayoral race, with most of the candidates citing pay-equity as one of their highest priorities should they get elected to office. Let’s cross our fingers that they’re serious about their promises, otherwise, we’ll just have to live with this Redfin list. Great, for sure, but we could do a lot better.

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