VIDEO: Mike McGinn’s Final Primary Ad

With Aug. 6 inching ever closer, Mayor Mike McGinn has busted out his final primary TV ad in hopes of reminding Seattle voters just how swell things are in the Emerald City. Touting economic growth and a crime rate at a 30-year low, McGinn - while admitting that when he took office four years ago he wanted to “change everything all at once” and that he’s had to “learn how to be mayor” - argues that this race is about substance, not style, and that he shares Seattle’s values.

Will the message resonate with voters? With a growing perception that challenger Ed Murray has taken the lead, and over the last several cycles the average age of primary voters hovering at 57-years-old (read: old, and likely to vote for Steinbrueck this time around), McGinn sure as hell better hope it does.

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