Around the World in 29 Sandwiches

I love Buzzfeed’s post “Around the World in 29 Sandwiches.”

But I, along with many other Buzzfeed readers, am pretty divided on the choice of the Fluffernutter for the U.S. What about the classic hamburger, the Philly Cheese steak, the pulled pork sandwich or the ‘Po Boy many have asked? I hear them loud and clear. And what about the hoagie/sub/hero (cold cuts on bread)? Or a fried fish sandwich with tartar sauce? There’s also the French Dip, which supposedly originated in LA (not France). The BLT? An egg salad sandwich? A grilled cheese?!

Frankly, though, I’d have chosen the classic Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich. While the other sandwiches are certainly U.S. staples, almost every American kid grew up eating more than a few PB&Js--and I still see plenty of them in my daughter’s friends’ lunch boxes (despite all the peanut allergies these days).

There are so many other great sandwiches from around the world that could have been included, true (but, hey, edits are essential).

That said, some sandwiches I’ve enjoyed on my travels also include a Jerk Chicken sandwich in Jamaica, the classic cucumber/cream cheese finger sandwich served at High Tea in England, a Turkish or Greek Shawarma, South African bacon and banana sandwiches and, in Taiwan, all sorts of sweet and savory spreads on bouncy, thick white bread that makes Wonder bread look thin and heavy. I also love arepas with fresh white cheese and guava paste that my daughter’s Columbian grandmother often brings over.

And speaking of sandwiches, I have one waiting for me in the office frig. I’m not proud to say it’s just roast beef and sliced Gouda on 9-grain bread (see photo). It was a rough morning...

What sandwiches would make your list?

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