Eight Lingering Questions about Macklemore’s “White Walls” Music Video

Macklemore’s Dick’s pimping new video for “White Walls” dropped today. After repeat viewings, the video has prompted a couple of lingering questions. We have included time codes so fellow Macklesleuths can investigate the video themselves:

1) (0:08) Why does Macklemore hate sunflowers so much?

2) (1:08) Does that child have a license for that vehicle?

3) (1:16) How much Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 did Macklemore and Wiz Khalifa play together before they decided to revive the lost early 2000s art of “skitching?”

4) (1:29) What happened to Big Boi’s left leg? Did one of his bulldogs bite him? Did he shuttlebug too hard? Did he injure himself while skitching with Wiz?

5) (1:57) After openly taking “your grandpa’s style” did Macklmore take Sandra Bullock’s boots as well?

6) (2:21) How many times did famously sober Macklemore have to tell A$AP Rocky that he did not, in fact, want any Purple Swag?

7) (3:50) With Seattle having hosted this year’s Miss Cougar America Convention, and now with Macklemore’s open endorsement of young man/older lady love, will Seattle officially become the Cougar capitol of the world?

8) (5:02) Who did Dick’s Better? Sir-Mix-A-Lot or Macklemore?

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