May I Suggest the Pumpkin Burrito?

It’s pumpkin season.

Because of pumpkin ale, this is a bad thing. Our former capitan Mike Seely puts that point best here (you have to scroll past my own sophisms arguing in pumpkin ale’s favor to get to his truisms).

However, my aversion to all things pumpkin during the Major League baseball playoffs were overcome today in the Mexican section of the International District (I kid, about the Mexican section part).

Tenoch Mexican Grill at 208 Fifth Avenue actually sits in a no-man’s-land between the ID to the south and the hive city/county/federal governmental activity to the north. The last time I’d stepped up to this burrito counter, business seemed slow. But today it was bustling with workers who carried about them general air of municipal workers.

Feeling festive, I ordered up a pollo en pipian burrito. Pipian is basically a pumpkin seed sauce, mixed in with Guajillo chiles, sesame seeds and other spices.

The burrito was American sized and packed tight with rice and beans; none of this rinky-dink street taco bullshit that seems all the rage nowadays. And the chicken was delicious: moist but not mushy, and most definitely tasting of roasted pumpkin seeds. The pipian sauce was as a creamy as melted Molly Moons. To drive home its pumpkin bonafides, it was also bright orange.

I took my burrito up to the Danny Woo Community Gardens and munched on it in the crisp, fall air. I was one with the pumpkin, at last.

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