Barrio in Bellevue, Tom Douglas’s New Cooking School, and More Food News

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1. Nacho Borracho is now open on Capitol Hill. Rachel Marshall and Kate Opatz of Montana serve twists on Mexican bar food, like totchos, in which tater tots substitute for tortilla chips and Sonoran hot dog with a side of tots. Eater Seattle has a look inside the new space.

2. Tom Douglas Restaurants, in a partnership with Bridget Charters, is opening a cooking school at the Hotel Ändra. The school will be called Hot Stove Society and is slated to open in June. Charters has served as chef instructor for the Art Institute for 17 years and a production manager for Emmy-winning Nick Stellino’s Family Kitchen on PBS affiliate KCTS. The school’s classes will include beginner-level instruction and more advanced demonstrations. Chefs from Tom Douglas Restaurants provide much of the instruction, though other local and national talent will make appearances too.

3. Barrio is hosting a pop-up in Bellevue’s Cast Iron Studios on March 7 from 5 to 11 PM. Expecting a packed house, the Mexican restaurant is requiring diners to make reservations. The menu will feature favorites like sautéed shrimp cazuela, chile braised pork tacos, and pork carnitas.

4. Guinness World Records has certified the world’s largest oyster, a 14-inch specimen residing in Denmark and estimated to be 15 to 20 years old. That’s roughly the length of a men’s size 11 shoe. The oyster, still alive and kicking, is on display at the Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe, Denmark.

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