More Pioneer Square Openings, King Cake at Roux, and More Food News

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1.Pioneer Square continues to see new openings, with no sign of slowing down. We reported on the neighborhood’s food-centered growthlast year and there are several spots to add to the list. Marination owners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison have announced plans to open Good Bar on 2nd Ave. and Main St. Later in 2014, look for Josh Henderson’s Quality Athletics and Mike Easton’s Pizzeria Gabbiano.

2.Ballard’s bar scene is adding a new watering hole at the former La Tienda space on Market Street. The Ballard Beer Company has applied for a liquor license at the spot, reports My Ballard. The applicants are Lena and Greg Anderson.

3.It’s carnival time, and New Orleans native Matt Lewis is once again baking his delicious King Cakes. These delightful confections are available by the slice at Lewis’s Fremont restaurant Roux $4 all day. You can order whole cakes for $35 with 24 hours’ notice. If you eat a piece at Roux and discover the tiny plastic baby in your piece, you win a free order of beignets or another slice of King Cake.

4.Maybe it’s time to give that food you’ve always hated another chance, opines Frank Bruni, a former restaurant critic at The New York Times. “I increasingly suspect that the greatest pleasures-in-waiting aren’t in some foreign land or fringe neighborhood,” Bruni writes. “They’re right in front of us, if only we’d be adventurous enough to give the ingredients we’ve exiled a chance to return to our plates.”

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