The Daily Drink: Compass Box "Delilah's"

“The Daily Drink” brings you a must-try libation from our booze columnist Zach Geballe.

Typically, the Daily Drink focuses on local products, but there are times when a guy just wants a glass of Scotch, and while single malt distilling is nascent here in Seattle, sometimes you just have to go to the source. This here is the “Delilah’s” from Compass Box, one of the most innovative names in Scotch. They’re a blending house that belies the general assumption that blended Scotches are inferior to single malts by finding amazing allotments of Scotch and blending them to create cool, unique flavors that you’d never find in a single malt. The “Delilah’s” is aged in American oak, giving it a flavor somewhere between Scotch and bourbon, and it went down almost alarmingly easy at Macleod’s in Ballard, as the picture can attest to.

Zach Geballe does a lot of drinking. When he’s not working at The Dahlia Lounge or for his business Vine Trainings, he’s studying for the Court of Master Sommeliers Exam. His weekly column here at Seattle Weekly, The Bar Code, endeavors to inspire, educate and sometimes poke fun at all things beer, wine and spirits related.

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