The Comet’s Reopening, Seattle Cider Company’s Latest Release, and More Food News

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1. The Comet Tavern is getting ready for a March 31 reopening under new owners David Meinert and Jason Lajeunesse. The first live show is scheduled for April 1 and the owners are promising “the largest collection of cheap beer in Seattle” according to their press release.

2. Seattle’s 2bar Spirits Vodka is now on sale at all Trader Joe’s stores in Washington. 2bar Spirits’ award-winning vodka is made in a SODO distillery with locally-grown ingredients.

3. In other boozy news, Seattle Cider Company has bottled a limited-release specialty cider. Their Three Pepper Hard Cider is made with poblano, habanero, and jalapeno peppers and is available in bottles and on tap at The Woods tasting room.

4. Remember Bubble Tape and Go-Gurt? Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart gives hilarious (and slightly unsettling) insights into the food you ate as a kid—“crapping on our most cherished childhood recollections.”

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