The Daily Drink: Seattle Tap

“The Daily Drink” brings you a must-try libation from our booze columnist Zach Geballe.

After a long period of self-reflection and contemplation, as well as discussions with the editorial staff at Seattle Weekly, I’ve decided to take The Daily Drink in a new direction. Instead of featuring costly, overly-elaborate, and frankly immoral alcoholic beverages, I’ll instead be featuring a new and exciting “soft” drink each day. To inaugurate this new approach, we’re starting with the City of Seattle 2014 Tap Water. Delightfully crisp and refreshing, this thirst quencher helped me get my day started right. I heartily recommend it!

April Fool's!

Zach Geballe does a lot of drinking. When he’s not working at The Dahlia Lounge or for his business Vine Trainings, he’s studying for the Court of Master Sommeliers Exam. His weekly column here at Seattle Weekly, The Bar Code, endeavors to inspire, educate and sometimes poke fun at all things beer, wine and spirits related.

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