The Daily Drink: Stoup Brewing's Weissbier

“The Daily Drink” brings you a must-try libation from our booze columnist Zach Geballe.

I’m gonna be honest: I tend not to like the flavor of banana in my drinks. In food, I’m totally fine with it, but due to a particularly unpleasant night in college that involved a bottle of 99 Bananas liqueur (which probably WON’T ever be featured in the Daily Drink), I recoil a bit. So when I sat down with a glass of the Weissbier from Stoup Brewing and got that distinct whiff of banana, I was a bit perturbed. Nonetheless, being a fearless and intrepid drinker, I figured I might as well give it a shot, and I’m largely glad I did. While the banana flavor is prominent (and intentionally so, according to the Stoup website), the crispness on the finish kept it from being cloying. I’m glad I was able to face my demons, or at least the banana-flavored one.

Zach Geballe does a lot of drinking. When he’s not working at The Dahlia Lounge or for his business Vine Trainings, he’s studying for the Court of Master Sommeliers Exam. His weekly column here at Seattle Weekly, The Bar Code, endeavors to inspire, educate and sometimes poke fun at all things beer, wine and spirits related.

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