The Daily Drink: Westland Distillery's Single Peated Malt

“The Daily Drink” brings you a must-try libation from our booze columnist Zach Geballe.

Yes, I know it’s Cinco de Mayo. You certainly don’t need my encouragement to drink tequila or Mexican beer today. But since the sun and warmth have forsaken us for at least a little while, and we’re on pace for one of the rainiest years in recent memory, if Mexican booze doesn’t sound appealing today, it's as good a day as any to turn back to brown liquor. I first toured Westland Distillery when they were launching their American Single Malt, and while I certainly enjoyed that whiskey quite a bit, I was eagerly awaiting the release of their peated single malt. Having tasted it, I can say that the wait was mostly worth it. The addition of the smoky aromatics to the slight sweetness of the whiskey gives it a delightful complexity and balance, and it’s a great glass to hunker down with while watching the rain.

Zach Geballe does a lot of drinking. When he’s not working at The Dahlia Lounge or for his business Vine Trainings, he’s studying for the Court of Master Sommeliers Exam. His weekly column here at Seattle Weekly, The Bar Code, endeavors to inspire, educate and sometimes poke fun at all things beer, wine and spirits related.

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