Grub Street on Doodies: Guys Who Geek Out Over Extreme Cooking

Grub Street’s “Help! There’s a Doodie in My Kitchen” examines the trend for men who like to cook -- but in an over-the-top, geeking out on weird equipment and recipes kind of fashion. As Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit magazine says in the piece: “It’s not like when women cook, in terms of nurturing someone...Guys like to talk about what they are doing, and nerd out, and compete. It’s cooking as sport: I’m going to deep-fry a turkey this weekend. I’m going to make a bo ssäm.” Bo ssäm, the piece says, “is to doodies what boeuf Bourguignon was to women who read Julia Child: a classic, the mastery of which makes one feel complete.”

While Grub Street says the trend is New York born and honed, I’d make a case for Seattle being plentiful with doodies. Rampant tech culture + men who love nature = lots of doodies in quilts or sports gear. The “Omni-Freeze ZERO” clothing line from REI sounds like it could, in fact, be some kind of cutting-edge kitchen gadget.

The whole doodie culture, however, really just comes back to guys and their grills -- which is nothing new. This is simply an updated, of-the-moment Tim Ferriss-style version of your 65-year-old dad flippin’ burgers out back.

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