Kitchensurfing Launching in Seattle, Kickstarter's Crazy Potato Salad, and More Food News

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1. Kitchensurfing, a service that finds a chef for your big event or dinner party, is launching in Seattle on July 15. The service is already operating in cities like Berlin, Boston, and New York.

2. 1. Mill Creek doughnut and cupcake maker FROST has released a cupcake benefitting pediatric cancer research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The folks at FROST were inspired by the new movie The Fault in Our Stars, released in theaters last month. They’ve named their cupcake “Okay? Okay” after the movie’s tagline; $1 from the sale of each cupcake will go towards pediatric cancer research at Seattle Children’s

3. Fremont Brewing is giving away gift cards and, ultimately, a four-person VIP tour, for creative shots of its beer cans. The promotion is called Fremont Brewing CANpaign, and you can enter your photos now through September 21 via Instagram. For more details, visit the brewery’s website.

4. An Ohio man inadvertently raised $20,000 on Kickstarter to make potato salad. Zack Danger Brown started out aiming for a measly $10 for his “project,” which has drawn way more support than he bargained for.

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