Take a Look at 'The Tip,' The 12 Ft Tall Richard Sherman Statue

Last month a couple of Seahawks fans announced their plans to build a statue commemorating Richard Sherman's tipped pass from the NFC Championship. Yesterday, sculptor Kevin Pettelle released the design.

The sculpture features Richard Sherman standing on a wave with his arm outstretched to knock away the ball. They've also planned for some stainless steel silhouettes that they detailed on their site:

On the ground, two figures will project outward from the base in two dimensional silhouette, one representing the opposing receiver who nearly caught the pass, one representing the teammate who found a way to catch the deflection and cement the team’s Super Bowl destiny. Fans will be able to pose in either shadow to re-enact the play.

It will be 12 feet tall because what other number has represented Seattle so well recently? You didn't really expect anything different, did you?

Currently the project is at just over $24,000 raised. The goal is $250,000 and there are 24 days left. Still a lot of work to be done by the 12th man.

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