Omar Rodriguez Lopez

With probably the most prolific catalog known to this generation (his easily-found solo albums number in the upper twenties (so far), and his group work and full-length collaborations are nearly as numerous), guitarist/producer/driving creative force behind the Mars Volta Omar Rodriguez Lopez is also one of the most imaginative, forward-thinking composers in history. His range, from punk, to dub, to mind-blowing metallic prog, to glitchy studio-geek electro-sorcery, has amazed many and baffled many more at different points, and he's only getting weirder. Earlier this year, when his influential nineties punk outfit At the Drive-In staged a reunion, he told LA Weekly that "something has to change drastically" for the Mars Volta to continue to create. And all the while, his solo output has gushed forth at its usual, impressive pace. With Crypts. TODD HAMM

Fri., Oct. 19, 8 p.m., 2012

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