It's the TOPS!

Everyone remembers the college student's diet: beer, beer, more beer, and, of course, top ramen before another bottle of beer. Heating up


24 Hours of Ramen Recipes

It's the TOPS!

Everyone remembers the college student's diet: beer, beer, more beer, and, of course, top ramen before another bottle of beer. Heating up a quick bowl of ramen in the microwave, waiting exactly three minutes, and topping it with some hot sauce was the go-to meal every broke undergrad could appreciate. Fast. Simple. And kinda tasty--if you've just had another beer.

But this humble delicacy doesn't have to stay that way. Nowadays, people are gettin' fancy with the noodles, creating recipe after recipe with the main ingredient being . . . you guessed it: ramen! From breakfast dishes to classy dessert options, ramen can get you through a whole day's worth of meals, all costing under $10.

Breakfast: Ramen Burrito With Egg and Hot Sauce

Waking up in the morning, the first thing many of us crave is a breakfast burrito. But to make this morning meal even more epic, include ramen in the recipe. It's super-simple and sort of good if you don't actually think about what you're eating.


1. top ramen

2. 1 egg

3. 2 cups of water

4. 1/4 cup of shredded cheese

5. a flour tortilla

6. hot sauce (optional)


Cook the ramen in 2 cups of water and add a beaten egg. After 3 minutes, drain all but 1 T of water. Stir in cheese, ramen seasoning, and hot sauce. Wrap in a tortilla, and enjoy your ramen concoction!

Mid-Morning Snack: Ramen Trail Mix

Everyone needs something light to hold them over until lunch. So what better way to compliment the great breakfast you just had with ramen trail mix? Again, no real cooking skills are required for this one, but this salty-sweet snack will definitely surprise your taste buds.


1. top ramen

2. 2 T of oil

3. 1 c dried cranberries

4. 1 c sunflower seeds

5. 1 c raisins

6. 1 c sliced almonds


Break the ramen into bite-sized bits and saute it in a pan with the oil until the ramen gets crispy and brown. Let it cool, dump in all the other ingredients, and voila! A healthy and innovative snack!

Lunch: Top Ramen Salad

Ah! Lunchtime! Unfortunately, you go to the pantry and all you can find is ramen. This just won't do all by itself. So you decide to get adventurous and create a delicious, nutritious ramen salad to enjoy. In one meal, you can hit almost all the major food groups. Now that's what we call winning!


1. one head of green cabbage, chopped

2. 4 oz. of slivered almonds

3. 4 T toasted sesame seeds

4. 4 green onions, chopped

5. 2 packages of ramen, broken up

6. 2 packages of ramen seasoning

7. 1/2 cup olive oil

8. 6 T red wine vinegar

9. 4 T sugar

10. Salt and pepper to taste


2. Mix the onions and cabbage together. Mix all the dressing ingredients together in a separate bowl. Put ramen noodles, almonds, seeds, and seasoning in a plastic bag and shake well. Add the ramen mix to the cabbage and onions. Finally, add the dressing and enjoy your ramen noodle salad!

Afternoon Snack: Ramen and Salsa

Yup, your tummy is growling. Although delicious, the ramen salad from lunch didn't fill you up, so now you need something to ease the hunger pains until dinner. Don't fret. This afternoon snack will help you make it until then.


1. top ramen

2. salsa


Break off some chunks of uncooked ramen, and dip them in the salsa. Yes, that's all you do. No, we're not joking. When you're hungry, you're hungry, and you definitely can't be picky when you have no other food in the house. Jut try it. You never know. It could be the next appetizer at your Fourth of July party.

Dinner: Ramen Beef Pie

Now that work is over, you can finally go home and enjoy a nice, giant helping of ramen beef pie. It's like Shepard's Pie or Pâté Chinois, a dish they serve in Canada, only ramen style.


1. 2 packages of ramen noodles

2. 1 lb of ground beef

3. 1 can of sweet corn

4. 1/2 c of onion

5. vegetable oil


Cook the ramen noodles in a pot for 3 min. Chop the onions, and in a separate pan, heat the onions and brown the ground beef until fully cooked. Then dump it all into a casserole dish, layer the sweet corn on top of that, top it with ramen noodles, and bake in the oven for 10-15 min. You won't be disappointed.

Dessert: Banana-Coconut Ramen Pudding

You really didn't think we were going to leave you hanging without a ramen-themed dessert, did you? Well here it is, and it's legit. *Note: this is the most technically difficult recipe on our list.


1. 3 packages of ramen noodles

2. 4 T of butter

3. 2 large eggs

4. 2/3 c of sugar

5. 1 can of coconut milk

6. 1/2 t of almond extract

7. 1/4 t of ground cardamom

8. 1/4 t of crushed anise seed

9. salt

10. 1/2 c golden raisins

11. 1/4 c of chopped, crystallized ginger

12. 2 thinly sliced bananas

13. 1/4 c shredded coconut

14. 2 T of sliced almonds

15. 1/2 c sour cream


Cook the ramen noodles. In a different bowl, whisk together the eggs, sugar, almond extract, sour cream, cardamom, anise seed, coconut milk, and a little salt. Stir in the noodles, the raisins, and the ginger afterward. Butter a baking dish and layer the bottom with the banana slices. Pour in the noodle mixture, sprinkle with almonds and coconut, and bake until golden-brown. Congratulations, you just ate your way through a whole day of ramen recipes. Now go lie down and take some Tums.

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