Cafe Besalu's Daily Miracle--the Ginger Biscuit

Eve M. Tai
Besalu's faithful
There's always a buzz in the air at Café Besalu, the little French Bakery that Could in Ballard. Maybe it's from the coffee, but more likely it's the aroma of fresh pastries waiting to be snapped up by the faithful. No matter the hour, a line of devotees stretches from counter to sidewalk to watch as chef\owner James Miller rolls out pastry miracles before their very eyes.

Among Besalu's croissants, brioches, and danishes you'll find the humble ginger biscuit. If you're lucky enough to nab one (or two) hot out of the oven, it won't just warm your belly, but your entire being.

It's a wholesome, charming round of heaven baked with creamy dough. Little sugar crystals embedded in the crust add a touch of sparkle and sweetness, while the mini-chunks of candied ginger deliver sass in the most gracious way.

Eve M. Tai
Humble goodness.

If the pilgrimage to Besalu is a haul-a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it--stock up on ginger biscuits on your next trip. It might be heresy to say this, but the biscuits hold up well in the freezer (double-bag them) as well as in the microwave. The next time you need a little something-something to remind you that baked goods can save the soul, it'll be close as the fridge.

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