Fresh Bistro sprouts in West Seattle, Perche'no is Back,and Swine Fever?

A plateau in the world of openings and closings doesn't seem like a bad thing during a recession, and already seeing signs of a turn around is West Seattle, where another restaurant is preparing to open. According to WSB, Fresh Bistro will be opening May 22nd. Their sample menu and hours are available on their website.

Wallyhood announces that Perche'No Pasta and Vino will reopen May 15th. The restaurant closed temporarily after a fire forced the family to renovate. You can look for to some rather interesting improvements, such as "an entertainment balcony that floats above our open kitchen and bar."

If the threat of a swine epidemic didn't curb your taste for good pork, you're not alone. Swine enthusiast and owner of Maximus Minimus, Kurt Dammeier, explains what drew him to the street food scene, "I wanted to do a pork sandwich because I wanted to eat it...Me and Mr. Pig are very tight." According to Eat All About It, Maximus Minimus is still in the constuction stage, but should be up and "oinking" by the end of the month.

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