Last Night: Head Like A Kite CD Release

I've been bumping Head Like A Kite's new record, There is Loud Laughter Everywhere, basically since I started working here a few weeks ago and found it buried in a large stack of obviously well-loved records. So I headed to Neumo's last night for the free CD release shindig, emceed by KEXP's own Troy Nelson and endorsed by our own Travis Ritter. Graig Markel of the Animals at Night deejayed the whole thing, providing pretty music to fill the interim set-up/breakdown space between bands, all whilst donning a Spanish flag as cape in celebration of their soccer victory yesterday. Zera Marvel was there as well, looking very awesomely mod and hopping on stage occasionally to harmonize. Along with Foscil and pop prodigies Smoosh, Head Like A Kite put on quite a jolly CD release show.

Highlights of the evening:

-- Head Like A Kite's electro cover of "Four Dead in Ohio," with guests Asya, Zera and Graig (I've noticed that Seattle and Seattle bands love Neil Young, and for it, Seattle, I love you)

-- Graig Markel humping the cameraman (or perhaps hugging him from behind?)


-- Troy Nelson's "British Pride" onesie


-- Trent Moorman's I'm-concentrating-verrrrry-hard face


More photos and unsolicited commentary after the jump!

Foscil, an experimental electro act, warmed things up with a laid back, ambient sort of electro, unlike HLAK (acronyms forever!), who have a few slower numbers in their repertoire, but tend toward thumping dance beats rather than Foscil's sleepy electro-for-stoners (not that there's anything wrong with stoner electro, folks. Not at all.)

Then Smoosh came on, who were there not only because they rule, but because, at 16 and 14 years old (FOURTEEN, PEOPLE), they are making better music than the army of wannabes out there who've been chipping away at the perfect formula for a pop song since Asya and Chloe were in utero. What's most surreal about it is that the CD release was a 21+ affair, so here we were, a whole bunch of twenty/thirty/forty?somethings, listening to kids half our age play sweet pop songs most of us would give our eyeteeth to have come up with ourselves at any age. Maya, Chloe and Asya's 11-year-old sister (she joined the band last year), was there jamming on the bass for some of their numbers. WHOA. What were YOU doing when you were 11? Not playing the Yeti stage at Bumbershoot, that's for sure. Here's Asya and Dave singing their super-catchy song, Noisy At The Circus.


Opening with "We Were So Entangled" was an excellent choice. Here's Dave Einmo singing the song through a telephone. Adorable, if you can make him out:


Graig, Dave, and the aforementioned cameraman:


Graig, Dave, and Zera:


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