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Washington, as a state, has made some serious contributions to the world we live in. Microsoft, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, Craig T. Nelson from Coach ; you


PHOTOS: Top Ten Lesser-Known Washington-Connected Celebs

Adam West Mug.jpg
Washington, as a state, has made some serious contributions to the world we live in. Microsoft, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, Craig T. Nelson from Coach; you can't deny Washington's fingerprints are all over many of the things that have shaped contemporary existence for the better.

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But, perusing this collection of Washington-connected celebrities, we couldn't help but be surprised by a few of the names on the list. And we figured a few of them might surprise you as well, which is why we decided to put them together in handy-dandy blog post form.

Check out these ten somewhat-surprising Washington-connected celebs, then let us know who we missed in the comment section below.

10. Bob Barker

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Bob Barker, born in Darrington, had quite a run as host of the CBS game show The Price is Right - the longest-running daytime game show in North American television history. Famous for his Price is Right sign-off "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered," Barker enlisted in the Navy for World War II and left Washington - but never our hearts.

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9. Russell Johnson, aka "The Professor" from Gilligan's Island

The Professor.jpg

While Bob Denver may have been the best known face of Gilligan's Island, the show would have floundered without the sage wisdom of "The Professor." I mean, the man could build literally anything from coconuts and bamboo. Though Johnson was born in Ashley, Pennsylvania, he's spent a significant chunk of his later life living on Bainbridge Island ... though he's not believed to be trapped there.

8. Tori Black

Tori Black.jpg

Porn star Tori Black was born in Seattle in 1988. So next time someone asks you, "What has Seattle ever done for the world?" you can point to the adult film star named the most facially attractive female performer in the industry by Loaded magazine in 2010. So there.

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7. Chester Carlson


Born in Seattle way back in 1908, the name Chester Carlson probably doesn't ring any bells. But the invention he's responsible for - xerography - surely does. This year, when coworkers start making photocopies of their asses at the company holiday party, remember the Seattle connection in play.

6. Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck.jpg

OK, admittedly most probably know at this point that Glenn Beck is originally from Mount Vernon. That's what happens when a derisive airbag gains steam and becomes famous for his idiocy. While it might be tempting, we probably shouldn't hold Beck against Mount Vernon. Or, at the very least, the Tulip Festival should balance things out a bit.

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5. Michael Winslow, aka Cadet Jones from Police Academy

Michael Winslow.jpg

Known as the "Man of 10,000 Sound Effects," Winslow was born in Spokane in 1958. In addition to his career-defining role as Cadet Jones in Police Academy, Winslow was in the movie Spaceballs, and made his first TV appearance on The Gong Show. These days we assume he's sitting around imitating a leaf blower somewhere ... but the good news is he's probably nailing it.

4. Adam West

Adam West.jpg

The iconic TV Batman was born as William West Anderson in Washington back in 1928. Even back then he's said to have looked remarkably charming in bland grey spandex. West grew up in Walla Walla and it was there that TV's Batman attended Whitman College.

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3. Ted Bundy

ted bundy.jpg

Much like Glenn Beck, the fact that Ted Bundy has Washington ties probably doesn't come as a big surprise to most. Sadly, Bundy is far more famous than the likes of Russell Johnson, Chester Carlson or Michael Winslow. That's what happens when you're one of the most prolific and despised serial killers of all time. Though he was born in Vermont in 1946, Bundy's family moved to Tacoma in the 1950s - one more notch against Seattle's gritty neighbor to the south.

2. Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary.jpg

For every Ted Bundy in Washington's history there's a Beverly Cleary - a woman renowned for her prolific career as a young-adult and children's author. Cleary, who was born in McMinnville, Oregon but earned a degree in library science from the UW in 1939, has about a gazillion titles to her name and just about as many literary awards. What would the world be, after all, without Ramona and Her Mother?

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1. Robert Stroud, aka The Birdman of Alcatraz


Born in Seattle in 1890, Stroud originally ended up in prison thanks to the the murder of a man who allegedly failed to pay a woman he had met in Alaska and pimped. It was the beginning of a long life behind bars, and the start of what would become one of the more famous stories in American criminal history. Stroud made a name for himself caring for injured Sparrows at the U.S. Penitentiary, Leavenworth, was transferred to Alcatraz, and the rest - of course - is Burt Lancaster history.

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