In today's cover story , Michael Stusser lives a week in what he calls "the clickstream."

No event in his life goes unaided by an


28 Steps to Living Life in the Clickstream

In today's cover story, Michael Stusser lives a week in what he calls "the clickstream."

No event in his life goes unaided by an app -- no location un-checked into, no meal un-Instagramed.

And if you've found yourself on this post via our QR code in the dead tree edition, you must not have been scared off by the high blood pressure and heart rate this digital gorge seemed to have wrought. You want to live life in the clickstream, too.

Well, here you have it: 28 apps to recreate Stusser's techno-nightmare, and links for iPhone users to download them (sorry Android users, to keep in the spirit of Stusser's story, this is an Apple post), plus a little guide to help explain the function of each. For those of you following on a desktop, take notes for downloading apps later on.


1. See how artificially important you are: Klout

2. Figure out which Lionel Richie song you have stuck in your head: SoundHound

3. Pretend you're a wine expert: Blush

4. Pretend you're T-Pain: I Am T-Pain

5. Pretend it's 1983: Atari Greatest Hits

6. Pretend you are Luke Skywalker: LightSaber!

7. Race cars: CSR Racing

8. Get fit: MyFitness Pal

9. Get fit running from zombies: Zombies, Run!

10. And relax...: Silva Relax

11. While watching a great movie: Flixter

12. Dictate a novel...: Dragon Dictation

13. Then pitch it to a publisher, face-to-face: Skype

14. Lose your I Am T-Pain App-enabled iPhone, then find it: Find iPhone

15. Stay surfing after you've run out of data: Free Wi-Fi

16. Keep moving after you've run out of gas: Taxi Magic

17. See what's going on: Pulse

18. See what's going on: YouTube

19. Show what's going on: Viddy

20. ????: MySpace

21. Turn the drivel on Twitter into a story: Storify

22. Turn the drivel in your life into something meaningful: Buddhify

23. Return to legal online music: Spotify

24. ????: Bing

25. Check our status of that cute redhead: SinglesAroundMe

26. Draw her a picture: Draw Something

27. Have kids, then track their location: Life360

28. Have kids, and share their every moment online: PATH.

29. Then go to sleep: Sleep Time

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