New Photos Surface of the Boeing 314 Clipper, the Height of Luxury Flight in the '30s and '40s

A round-trip ticket from San Francisco to Hong Kong aboard the luxurious Boeing 314 Clipper would have run about $1,368. That's not a bad price today, but in the 1930s and '40s when the Clipper was flying, it would have equaled about $22,000. This small fortune did buy plenty of perks, however; and some new vintage photos of the rich snobs who enjoyed them and the flight crews who provided them have surfaced.

These come via Air Show Buzz.

Stats on the Clipper:

Boeing 314 Technical Details

* Length: 106?

* Wingspan: 152? (3/4 that of a Boeing 747!)

* Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 82,500 lb B-314, 84,000 lb B-314A

* Engines: Four Wright GR-2600 Twin Cyclone, 14 cylinder radial engines (1,500 hp B-314, 1,600 hp B-314A)

* Propellers: Hamilton-Standard 3-blade, full-feathering constant speed (variable pitch), 14? diameter

* Fuel capacity: 4,246 gallons B-314, 5,446 B-314A

* Crew: 10

* Passengers: 74 in seated configuration, 40 when sleeping

* Maximum Speed: 199 mph

* Cruising Speed: 183 mph

* Service Ceiling: 13,400 ft B-314, 19,600 ft B-314A

* Range: 3,500 miles B-314, 5,200 miles B-314A


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