Wanted: Java Juggs Looking For a Few Good BaRi(EA)STaS

java juggs.jpg
Ability to do splits encouraged, but not required.
The only thing worse than trying to find a job is trying to find a job during a recession. To that end, we present Wanted: A weekly look at the weirdest ways to pay the bills in Twenty-Ten.

The Job Part-time barista at Java Juggs in Everett.

The Responsibilities Making coffee. Wearing little. Burnishing egos of male customers by laughing convincingly at any and all jokes made, no matter how bad.

The Qualifications Do we really have to say it? They call themselves "Java Juggs" ferchirstsakes.

The Pay Undisclosed hourly rate plus tips.

What the Job Description Doesn't Say But Should Actually the ad says it: "Please do not respond to this ad. To apply, come to the stand in person and submit a resume." And by "resume" they mean...ya know what, just forget it. You get the point.

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