Ellen Taft To Push For Citywide Pit Bull Ban


Last we heard from animal rights watchdog Ellen Taft, she was trying to stop faux service animals in their tracks. But with another high-profile pit bull mauling making front-page news today, Taft is now appealing to the Seattle City Council to institute a citywide ban on fighting breeds (it's worth noting that the aforementioned attack occured in SeaTac, not Seattle). A full press release issued by Taft can be read after the jump.


*FDAFB sends legislation to City Council calling for Fighting Breed Ban. *

Families and Dogs against Fighting Breeds (FDAFB), a national organization whose mission is to restrict ownership of Fighting Breeds, has sent a draft of legislation, written by founder Ellen Taft, and a lawyer ( who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons) to every member of Seattle City Council. Given the recent pit-bull attack in Sea-Tac it seems timely that the City Council look into a fighting breed ban .

“Originally, we wanted to have a citizen’s initiative but we ran into harassment and intimidation and couldn’t even find a meeting room because the café owner where we were going to meet was harassed by the Anti_Breed Specific folks. So we are asking City Council to step up to the plate and deal with this issue. Taft met with one of Sally Clark’s aids last summer and has requested a meeting with Jean Godden, who is head of Finance and Budget which oversees Animal Control, but has not received an answer.

“Seattle is really very reactionary on this issue, many countries in Europe and many cities all over Washington State and the U.S. have enacted some sort of fighting breed ban.” Says Taft. The legislation was modeled on the legislation in Auburn, WA and on the United Kingdom’s Dangerous Dog Act of 1992.

Of particular concern to victims of dog bites is the $64,000 question*,

Who* *pays the doctor bills*???? Only one insurance company in Washington State, Allstate, will insure pit-bulls, all other companies put a disclaimer on the home-owners insurance for pit-bulls and various other fighting breeds. “The citizens of Seattle have been very vocal in support of this legislation, I am confident that they will be flooding City Council with calls and emails expressing their support.” Added Taft. the full text of the Fighting breed initiative can be found on dogbites.org

“ We don’t allow dog fighting, why do we allow fighting breeds” is the slogan of Families and Dogs Against Fighting Breeds

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