Make Way for Bertha

Bertha, the world’s biggest tunnel boring machine, is expected to dock in Seattle sometime tomorrow. It should be quite a sight.

Named after Seattle’s first and only female mayor, Bertha Knight Landes, the 6,700-ton behemoth left Osaka, Japan, on March 19 aboard the 469-foot long jumbo ship Fairpartner. Once the old girl makes her much-anticipated arrival at Terminal 46, crews will reassemble its 41 parts, including the 57.5-foot wide rotary cutting head, in a 400-foot long, 80-foot deep pit , just east of the terminal.

The Daily Weekly will update this post with a more precise time of arrival as soon as the information becomes available, and will be on scene to bring you all the sights and sounds of Bertha’s landing.

Bertha roars into action this summer on the $2 billion, four-lane tunnel to South Lake Union.

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