Every Local Release: Gaytheist, Sol and Jim of Seattle

Dave Ellis, Everything in Between (May 16, self-released, daveeellis.com): A well-oiled adult-contemporary release with slick guitar leads, piano flourishes, and understated drumming. Among the standouts, “Out of the Dark,” with its wailing lap-steel accompaniment, evokes the sounds of modern Nashville country, while “Only Thing We Need” is played in the contemporary blues style of John Mayer. (‌Sun., May 19, Bake’s Place)

Future Fridays, “Fertile Nerd Alert” (out now, self-released, soundcloud.com/eric-padget/future-fridays-fertile-nerd): Thanks in part, no doubt, to engineer Steve Fisk’s assistance, “Fertile Nerd Alert” finds duo Eric Padget and Sari Breznau delivering a fresh and stripped-down sing-along as they harmoniously plead for someone to “tell me that you’ll never leave me.”

Gaytheist, Hold Me . . . But Not So Tight (May 21, Good to Die Records, goodtodierecords.com): This punk-metal album starts with a chaotic 35-second intro and only gets crazier from there. Hold Me . . . doesn’t even break half an hour, but by the end of it you’ll feel as though you’ve been thrashing around at a Gaytheist show all night. (Fri., June 7, Black Lodge)

Goodbye Heart, “Seconal,” “1st Street” (out now, self-released, goodbyeheart.bandcamp.com): These two tracks from Ballard duo Sam and Nila are atmospheric, ethereal, and shimmering—everything you could ask for from a dream-pop release. If only the album were longer . . . (Thurs., June 6, Blue Moon)

*Kye Alfred Hillig, Together Through It All (out now, self-released, kyealfredhillig.bandcamp.com): Produced with an ensemble of local talent like Shenandoah Davis and Samantha Boshnack, Together is so lovingly crafted and honest, it’s almost as if the singer/songwriter simply sang the contents of his journal over acoustic folk melodies, especially on the touching title track. And if you’re looking for a truly “Aww!”-inducing song, “You & Me & Time” will be right up your alley. The standout track is a quick listen, but its message of love overcoming all odds will keep pep in your step all day. (Fri., May 31, Hard Rock)

J im of Seattle, We Are All Famous (out now, Green Monkey Records, soundcloud.com/greenmonkeyrecords/sets/jim-of-seattle-we-are-all): Have you ever wondered what the extended version of Brian Eno’s Microsoft Windows jingle might sound like? On “Welcome to Windows,” JoS offers his interpretive vision: a sweeping, Gershwinesque piano number interlaid with sounds from the software suite—both sampled from and inspired by—including that iconic start-up cue.

Kublakai, “AndIbelieveher” (out now, self-released, youtube.com/watch?v=dXM1U4mt3q8): In his latest single, Kublakai raps over what sounds like a groovy Marvin Gaye sample about his past (“a few hiccups and missteps”), his present (“going back to college”), and his goals for the future, all while the titular “her” assures him “Everything is going to be OK.”

Sol,”Dope” (out now, self-released, solsays.com): The travels UW graduate and rapper Sol embarked upon as a result of his recent Bonderman Fellowship add a new, worldly dimension to this single. Sampled steel drums incorporate a set of tropical rhythms, while his rhymes flow as smooth as ever.

Theory, “Nexus of Wires” (out now, self-released, soundcloud.com/theory-6/nexus-of-wires): Just one listen to Theory’s hip-hop take on surveillance culture, including tracking people using smartphones and bugging phone lines, and you’ll be wondering what it really means when you accept a website’s terms of agreement.

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