Sarah Palin: Seattle Weekly Sucks

This note was originally published on Sarah’s Facebook page.

Small town America is the soul of our country, despite the opinion of the Seattle Weekly’s Ellis Conklin and the lamestream media. Todd and I are on our way to congratulate the graduating class in Republic, Washington, this Saturday and I’m honored and touched by their ingenuity, tenacity, and invitation to speak to these young Americans about to begin their futures.

Small town America is our heart; it may not be the Ivy Leagues or what Ellis and the media deem acceptable, but these students and this town represent what is good and right about America and the small towns where most of us grew our own roots and values.

Too often the media forgets its own humble roots and plays the elitist card. Not so this weekend. We are going to congratulate the Tigers of 2013 and have something special for each and every one. They will grow to defend our country, manage our economy, build our families, and work to achieve each of their own personal dreams.

Sorry, Seattle Weekly, you, as usual, miss the point.

- Sarah Palin

Update: Editor-in-Chief Mark Baumgarten responds:

We were delighted to discover that Sarah Palin is a regular reader of Seattle Weekly and that she has such a strong opinion on the direction of our content. While I disagree with her accusations of elitism, I welcome her contribution to the conversation. Like Mrs. Palin, I extend my congratulations to the graduating class of Republic High School. Unlike the former governor, I urge the students not to judge their fellow citizens solely by the circumstances of their upbringing. Whether born and raised in a city or a small town, as I was, every one of us deserves the opportunity to contribute to our community and to be judged by the integrity and honesty with which we live our lives. Thanks for reading.

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