Monogamy Party Previews September Release with “Crimes”

I ran into Monogamy Party’s Kennedy Carda recently at The Black Lodge, and asked him how the band’s new album was going.

“It’s weird,” Carda said, “I’ve been learning to, like, sing. I used to just scream all the time.”

And God bless Monogamy Party for screaming all the time. “Crimes” — the just-released first single from the album in question, False Dancers, due out September 17 on Good to Die Records — is a short, exhilarating punch in the crotch. Clocking in at 1:53, the song takes Monogamy Party’s Verellen-powered drum-and-bass freakout formula to the next shred-til-yr-dead level. Carda still screams on the new track, but lo and behold, he does sing now. Sort of. Yelping like a strangled teenage boy, Carda’s new voice gives the group more range, adding extra oomph when the screaming does kick in. Formerly lacking a guitarist, the band added former Pleasureboaters member Ricky Claudon, who gives “Crimes” a new layer of no-wave, melody-free screechery that swirls atop Monogamy Party’s sturdy-as-shit rhythm section like a black ash cloud above a newly blown volcano.

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