Special Issue: Summer Guide 2014

It’s no secret that Seattle has something of an indoor culture. For most of the year, we’re content to shuttle from our homes to work to the coffee shop and back home again, perfecting the art of looking inward. The prospects of outdoor activity are reserved for those willing to get above the rain—or just not that concerned about getting soaked. When the brilliant blue canopy opens above, it can be momentarily disorienting, but the directive is clear: Get out! The prospect of missing out on even the briefest of sunbreaks can fill us all with a type of guilt unique to the Pacific Northwest. But what to do when there is such an abundance of sun, as the meteorologists are promising this summer? That’s the question the Seattle Weekly Summer Guide exists to answer. Whatever you choose to pursue from these pages—water-park adventures, picnic pleasures, or renaissance-faire fantasy—we promise to leave you sun-kissed and guilt-free.

Click here to flip through an interactive e-edition of our 2014 Summer Guide, packed with expert advise on how to make the most of Seattle’s fleeting moment in the sun, plus ads and offers from the city’s smartest brands.

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