Recommended Live Music Tonight

Aidan Knight Though he has the mild voice and the artfully disheveled look of your everyday, paint-by-numbers folk musician, Knight and his namesake band are more Grizzly Bear than coffee shop troubadour. The quintet’s music is moody and richly detailed, incorporating samples, synthesizers, horns, and odd meters. Vera Project. 7:30 p.m. $9. All ages. AG

Feral Children Three years ago, Feral Children were Seattle’s percussive heirs apparent to Modest Mouse. Featuring shouty, strangled vocals and songs that sounded like they had been channeled from the spirit of the woods, the group owned the Northwestern-dark-wilderness vibe better than anyone in town. Flash-forward to the present, and Feral Children seem to have spent a lot of time hiking brighter shores. The new single, “Rewind the Rerun” from the band’s surprise third full-length, Too Much, Too Late, is much more California than Washington. Better for beating around the boardwalk than the bush, the song is a sunbathing, skate-punk jam. With the Purrs, Wayfinders. Barboza, 21+. 8 p.m. $8. KELTON SEARS

Midday Veil When Midday Veil plays, it’s more ritual than mere musical performance. “My body becomes an instrument,” lead singer Emily Pothast recently told Seattle Weekly. “When it all comes together, there’s this unfolding of eternity that can happen sometimes.” She’s not lying—when it finds its center, Midday Veil is a transportive band. Pothast and co. all appear to lock into a genuine trance, conjuring hypnotic, witchy grooves from somewhere beyond the here-and-now. The release show for the band’s new album, The Current, looks to be the séance of the year. Joining the clandestine ceremony are Master Musicians of Bukkake, Seattle’s premier mystic consuls. With Panabrite, DJ Explorateur. Chop Suey. 21+. 8 p.m. $7 adv./$10 DOS. KS

The Postal Service When The Postal Service released its first and only album, Give Up, 10 years ago, lonely kids with broken hearts lost their shit. It was a revelation, this eclectic mix of electro-fuzz and sensitive indie rock that so easily fit every uncomfortable and angsty feeling. The band understood us, soundtracked our adolescence, then promised to never make another album. Ouch. So when the act, comprising among others Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard and DNTEL’s Jimmy Tamborello, decided to regroup this year, those kids—still lonely, lost, and broken—lost their shit again. Key Arena. $60. 8 p.m. KEEGAN PROSSER

Trash Talk + Nacho Picasso In addition to making for a delightful ear-fuck of a show, the Trash Talk/Nacho Picasso pairing is one of the most logical sales pitches Nacho has been fortunate enough to enjoy. With record labels stupidly snoozing on Picasso—the potential gold tooth on the current nihilist-rap movement—the equal booking here with the tough-as-(skate)-trucks California punks shows he’s clearly capable of filling the shoes of an act like Odd Future duo MellowHype, who shared the Chop Suey stage (and tour bus) with Trash Talk last time they came through town. With Key Nyata, Keyboard Kid. Neumos. 8 p.m. $12 adv. All ages. TODD HAMM

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