Best Electronic Artist: Vox Mod

Scot Porter meticulously hand-drew, frame by frame, the animation for his music video “Iridescent Asteroid Mists.” By laying a piece of transparent acrylic between his legs and turning on a desk lamp, he carefully traced and redrew the fractal shapes that populate the remarkable video, full of cosmic choreography and strange geometry. Choosing to do this rather than use computer-powered animation shortcuts is emblematic of the singular kind of electronica Porter has been making under the name Vox Mod. In a genre populated by mechanistic beats and robotic tones, Vox Mod’s music sounds like organic chemisty. His recent LP, SYN-ÆSTHETIC, is full of bio-rhythmic pulses and warbles that might soundtrack the coolest science-class video on cellular evolutionary theory. Performing live, he pushes harder to connect than his laptop-gazing peers do, headbanging more than most rock groups. While his album drops references to the early-’90s dystopian cartoon Aeon Flux, Vox Mod’s music sounds more like a bioluminescent Utopian future.

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