Best Music Video: “Just a Bill” by Billy the Fridge

If John Waters decided to shoot his next film in Seattle, Billy the Fridge would likely snag the starring role. He’s hard to miss. Billy has a mop of curly hair, weighs 500 pounds, and always wears a chain necklace with a donut hanging from it. He’s also a rapper. Billy’s video for “Just a Bill” is like Macklemore’s “The Town” run through a deep-fryer and dumped onto a puke-stained sidewalk. In it, Billy flops around in a skate bowl, generally wreaks havoc on Capitol Hill, and spits out some of the year’s best one-liners, ending the song with the kiss-off “You don’t like it? You can eat a bag of Dick’s.” Billy the Fridge was recently hired by a Greek millionaire to star in an online reality show he describes as a “torture version of Big Brother” down in L.A. “I can’t really say much more about it,” Billy says. “It got broken up the second day of shooting by the fire marshal.”

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