Best Cat Band: Seacats

Studying the litany of animal-derived band names often feels like touring zoo exhibits: “And here we have the elusive Reignwolf . . . ” The convention can be tiresome, but every once in a while you encounter a creature worth observing a bit. A particularly exciting species in the highly competitive cat band name category is Seacats, a Kelso-based power-pop five-piece. Their tunes are often compared to Weezer’s, and the resemblance is no accident—the band unabashedly owns their Weezer crush, crafting quirky guitar pop in the same vein as the iconic ’90s geek group. Their single “Wrecked,” a sludgy, low-end-driven track with an impossibly bright bridge (and a more impossible, and Weezery, Mexican wrestling–themed video), is so catchy you’ll be downloading “The Sweater Song” just ’cause they got you in the mood. What’s funny is that unlike Rivers Cuomo, who started Weezer at age 22, not only is this band’s youngest member a wee 17, but the group has already released three EPs, inking with local label Fin Records in the process.

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