Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick Get Chummy in New Madden 25 Commercial

From the head coaches on down, there’s no question the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers don’t like each other. That fact is expected to be put on full display on Sunday night, Sept. 15, when the two NFC West heavyweights duke it out at CenturyLink Field in front of a national television audience. To mark the occasion, the 12th Man is expected to be gunning for a world record in loudness.

While the Hawks/49ers rivalry has blossomed into one of the best in the game, that apparently doesn’t preclude the teams’ respective offensive leaders - QBs Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick - from doing a little side-by-side commercial work.

In a video published to YouTube yesterday by the makers of the Madden video game franchise, EA Sports, Wilson and Kaepernick are seen cultivating a competitive relationship that began when both were mere boys, thanks to a meeting at a fictional summer camp where it’s apparently acceptable for young campers to do nothing but spend hours playing Madden. (Note: Why didn’t my parents ever send me to THAT camp?). From there, the Kaepernick/Wilson rivalry only grows, culminating in the two current-day NFL stars fist-bumping and Kaepernicking in front of a TV in the locker room while wielding video game controllers. (Note: You’ll never guess who’s donig the Kaepernicking.)

You can watch the video above. What’s your reaction, 12th Man?

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