B'shoot Review: Screw Transatlanticism! The Breeders Played Last Splash!

Just before the Breeders took the TuneIn stage last night, the crowd was informed that the day prior – Aug. 31, 2013 – had marked the 20th anniversary of Last Splash.

That no doubt prompted a mid-life tickle in the guts of the bands' original fans, many of whom were hoisting about children as they took in the 8 p.m. set (breeders that they are). But if the anniversary date reminded many in the crowd of gray hairs that have begun to showing up en masse, the set should have given them solace that the rock of their youth is still very much burning bright.

Much like the reunited Pixies that Breeders' frontwoman Kim Deal just disunited from, the Breeders didn't feel like nostalgia-bait last night, though Kim Deal did interject plenty of reminiscing about how Last Splash came together lo those many years ago. They performed the album in its entirety, in order, but nothing about the performance was mechanical; it almost felt sloppy at times, which only made the moments when she picked the chugging rhythms back up all the sweeter. Kim Deal was wonderfully charming, as always, beaming at the crowd the entire set as if she'd taken in some of the smoke that's been so pervasive this Bumbershoot.

By playing the album in order, the Breeders had to break a cardinal rule of Bumbershoot sets, which is to save your best-known song for last, lest you see the famously fickle crowd file away to the next act. “Cannonball” comes second on the album, so “Cannonball” came second in the set. But most of the crowd remained, an impressive show of support for a band that never quite hit the mainstream in its heyday, 20 years after the fact.

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