Ed Murray is “Bumbershoot’s Mayor,” MGMT Exposed of “Cow-Synching”

Soon after Thom Yorke/Kermit the Frog lovechild Alt-J finished their glossy set at Key Arena, Mayoral Candidate Ed Murray came out on stage.

“First off, I want to bring up someone very special,” he announced as he brought out his newly married husband, amid cheers.

“I want to promise to you all that if elected, I’ll recommit our city to supporting Bumbershoot,” he said. He also promised to redirect city funding to “art” in general.

“I’d vote for him. He’s the mayor of Bumbershoot!” a man in front of me said to his girlfriend.

“It’s so nice that he just got gay married,” she said, “I’d vote for him just because they're so cute.”

Look out Mike McGinn. The MGMT demographic seems to be leaning towards Murray.

When MGMT did come on stage, they were accompanied by a giant LED screen full of acid-tinged visuals, my favorite of which seemed like a straight up screen capture of the Rainbow Road level from the N64 version of Mario Kart.

MGMT played through the hits—“Electric Feel,” “Time to Pretend” and “Kids.” Unfortunately, they also played a lot of other stuff. The generic washy psych that composes the rest of MGMT’s catalogue halted most of the crowd’s enthusiasm. The warmth of Key Arena combined with the phaser-processed mumblings of Andrew VanWyngarden made the show a literal snoozefest for some in the stands.

I also found out that MGMT, as I had suspected, is guilty of “cow-synching.”

When MGMT played the single from their new album “Your Life is a Lie” on Lettermen recently, they brought a comically large cowbell with them. I hoped and wished to the entire pantheon of Gods that the cowbell was an actual, functioning instrument, and not just for show.


When VanWyngarden brought a young lady named “Laurel” on stage to play the giant cowbell with an accompanying giant drumstick during the song, her unfortunate Ashlee Simpson timing revealed that the cowbell is indeed only for show.

Ah well. I still can’t really get mad at MGMT for having a giant cowbell.

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