CaffeiNation Web Series: Seattle’s Up

For those of you who still can’t get enough of anything coffee-related, Brandon Davenport of “The Pancake Epidemic” has created a web series called CaffeiNation which he describes as a documentation of “coffee culture in the Central and Western U.S.”

In a series of episodes -- episode three featuring Seattle just released -- he claims to have driven 5,000 miles and drank 100 cups of coffee in under two weeks.

In this episode, you’ll see local familiars like Mike McConnell and Daniel Shewmaker of Cafe Vita and Jared Linzmeier of Cafe Ladro. You’ll also get a tour of the La Marzocca distribtion center where you’ll see some cool machinery, like a vintage espresso machine that ran on charcoal.

Other episodes include San Francisco and Portland.

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