‘Hawks Richard Sherman Writes About Mike Robinson Release for MMQB

As well-read Seahawks fans probably already know, outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman has a new gig this year - writing a weekly column for Peter King’s recently launched Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB) website. The idea, as you might expect, is for Sherman to offer a player’s perspective on the inner workings of the most successful sports league in the history of mankind.

Last week fans - and players - got a stark reminder of just how ruthless the business side of the NFL can be when fan favorite Mike Robinson, a former Pro Bowl fullback and Marshawn Lynch’s lead blocker, was unceremoniously cut at the end of the preseason.

Today, via his MMQB column, Sherman chimes in, noting the close bond Robinson had established with many teammates and also the fact that the reality of the NFL doesn’t allow players to dwell on such difficult (and inevitable) situations.

As Sherman writes:

The feeling was surreal: They really cut Mike Robinson? There’s no way, I thought. Lynch, the man Robinson has blocked for since 2010, rushed for more than 1,500 yards last season. Mike was our NFLPA rep, a special-teams captain and a Pro Bowler in 2011. At this point you feel like guys like that, who put in all the work, would get a chance to be a part of this team, of this experience. You didn’t see him doing anything wrong, and you knew he wasn’t injured. So what happened?

I went into the next day of practice with those questions still on my mind. Lynch and others shared my sense of shock. When a veteran gets cut, we may discuss it privately amongst ourselves, but there’s no ceremony, no coach’s acknowledgement of the missing man. I never saw Mike collect his things from his locker, and I didn’t get to shake his hand. The next morning, it’s as if no one had ever occupied the locker that once read No. 26. In meetings, the agenda is the same as it was the day before: Win today. And somebody who’s no longer in the room isn’t a part of today.

Never short on words, Sherman has plenty more to say on the subject of Robinson’s departure. You can read his full MMQB column here.

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