Battle of the Bremerton Budmasters

Evergreen Health Center, which opened June 1, was the very first storefront medical-marijuana dispensary in Bremerton’s history. They held that distinction for all of a month, until competitor Emerald Coast Collective opened just down the street (both access points are on Waaga Way). And while Evergreen Health is a perfectly respectable shop, a couple of factors work in Emerald Coast’s favor in the head-to-head (pun intended) match-up.

Those are, quite simply, pricing and selection. While Emerald Coast (reviewed here in the July 31 issue) has an across-the-board $10-per-gram rate for flowers, the four best strains at Evergreen Health are all $12 a gram. And while Emerald Coast typically has about 15 strains in stock, Evergreen Health had a scant six available the day I visited—in other words, just two $10 strains in addition to the four at $12.

Roger, who really is a very good budtender, apologetically told me that Evergreen usually has a few $8 strains in stock as well, mentioning that the shop was “getting ready for the High Times Cannabis Cup,” which, when I visited, was two days away. But if a shop values serving its customers more than taking part in a superficial, glitzy glamfest (after all, ganja-fied glitz is still just glitz), something as trivial as the Cannabis Cup competition shouldn’t affect the medicine inventory.

There may have been only half a dozen strains to choose from, but Roger knew the good points of each. He guided me to a $12 pre-’98 Bubba Kush (the reason pre-’98 matters is because after that year, other genetics were introduced into the mix), an exemplary indica, and to a $10 Cinex (also known as Cinderella X or Cindy X), an 80 percent sativa-dominant.

The Cinex would make excellent driving-and-listening-to-music weed—if  Washington state’s benighted “legalization” law didn’t criminalize driving with anything over 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. As it is, you can still enjoy the musical part of Cinex’s effects without the risk of negative legal consequences; if you do, your homework is some stoned, attentive listening to Seattle’s own Supersuckers, in particular the song “Killer Weed.”

The pre-’98 Bubba Kush left a delightful catch in my throat with each toke; these are deliciously potent flowers that produce profound relief from body pain. The Bubba also lends a pleasant soft-edged fuzziness to the thinking process. It makes a good nighttime smoke, with each toke increasing your relaxation level all the way past the point where your eyelids get heavy.

Evergreen Health also has a good selection of reasonably priced medibles, many of them for $6 (mostly cereal bars of the Rice Krispie Treats ilk), as well as tinctures and concentrates. Notably, the shop has its own CO$ID/aalt32 hash-oil extractor right there onsite; the impressively scientific-looking chrome-covered machine is behind some plate glass found just behind the bud counter.

Steve Elliott edits Toke Signals,, an irreverent, independent blog of cannabis news, views, and information.

EVERGREEN HEALTH CENTER 1405 N.E. McWilliams Rd., Suite 103, Bremerton, 360-377-0192,, 10 a.m.–7 p.m. daily.

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