Stream Monogamy Party’s Abrasively Hooky Debut LP ‘False Dancers’

Seeing Monogamy Party perform is kind of like being hit in the face. It hurts, sometimes there’s blood, and it’ll definitely wake you up.

The Seattle-based shredmasters are streaming their debut LP False Dancers a week in advance of its release, and on first listen it sounds like they’ve managed the rare feat of capturing on record the batshit thrashfest they invoke live. Every track on False Dancers *screes* at you like a power tool. In some of the songs, it sounds like the group recorded bits of metal being whirled around in a blender.

The riffage from the group’s first EP Pus City is still solidly intact, but False Dancers finds the band getting more adventurous and (somehow) louder. The record harnesses waves of dissonance with a masterful touch, bending raw noise to fit into practical shapes in a way that harkens back to fellow Seattle shredders, The Blood Brothers. Case in point: “Wasted Time” begins with a sublimely grating guitar wail, formless and uncontrolled. But like all the rest of the dissonance on the record, the wail subversively becomes a hook.

“Show and Tell” also manages to mess with the listener’s expecations by starting out with a groovy, almost surfy bassline. “I stuck my nose on that line I felt alive, like I could not be stopped or be held accountable, my god I did not know just how wrong I was,” Kennedy Carda insidiously mumbles before the song plunges into absolute chaos, mimicking what I assume is a coke binge gone wrong. The “fun/fucked” dynamic is all over the record, sonically and lyrically. Carda’s lyrics seem to meditate on a sort of party-induced emptiness that lends to the album’s seasick feel.

Check out Monogamy Party on Saturday at Chop Suey for their stacked record release with Prism Tats, Haunted Horses, and Good to Die labelmates Gaytheist. Make sure to wear steel toed shoes.

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