Ben & Jerry’s Seattle Flavor: Not as good as our local creameries

We had an early taste of Ben & Jerry’s new “Seattle” flavor, which they then unveiled on Friday, at Theo Chocolate headquarters. Though still unnamed, it’s one in a series of city inspired flavors that has taken the company across the country. Our beer crazed neighbors to the South, Portland, voted for a concoction that mixed some microbrew with chocolate. Appropriately enough, by popular vote, Seattle replaced the beer with coffee. Caffe Vita coffee, to be exact.

By burying the Caffe Vita coffee chunks in the Theo Chocolate that’s also found in the Seattle flavor, you get a sort of Northwesty take on Rocky Road. It’s chunky and gravelly, and it bites a bit like the cold weather here. It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s good. We are a bit spoiled when it comes to classy cream up here in Seattle. While Ben & Jerry’s has done a valiant job at crafting a locally sourced flavor that reflects the region, Bluebird and Molly Moon’s already does that sufficiently. Ben and Jerry’s is a bit late to the game.

Admirably, the locally sourced angle on the B&J flavor is an attempt to raise awareness for the GMO labeling initiative that’ll be on ballots in November.

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