Another Council Endorsement for Murray: Godden Jumps On The Bandwagon

This afternoon state Sen. Ed Murray got yet another endorsement from a sitting member of the Seattle City Council. Jean Godden becomes the fifth member of the governing body to throw weight behind incumbent Mike McGinn’s challenger. Murray has previously been endorsed by City Council President Sally Clark, along with councilmembers Tim Burgess, Bruce Harrell and Tom Rasmussen.

Striking a familiar theme in this year’s mayoral race in questioning McGinn’s ability to collaborate, Godden said via her Twitter account: “Seattle deserves to have cooperation and collaboration back at City Hall.”

With five of nine sitting members of the Council having now endorsed Murray, his campaign was quick to tout this “unprecedented” show of dissent against Seattle’s current mayor.

“Councilmembers are typically reluctant to endorse against a sitting incumbent mayor seeking reelection,” read a statement from the Murray campaign issued this morning, “so for a majority of the Council to endorse Murray is unprecedented in Seattle politics in recent memory, and is yet another indication that the current mayor’s divisive and ineffective governing style has alienated other elected officials, while Ed Murray’s pledge of inclusive, effective progressive leadership is resonating with other elected officials and with the public.”

According to the various reports of journalists on hand (for instance, the Seattle Times’ Jim Brunner), Godden said that McGinn hasn’t requested a one-on-one meeting with her in two years.

At this point it’s more than obvious that the Council is all but done with McGinn. The real question, of course, is are voters? A recent KING 5 poll certainly suggests as much, but given the historical inaccuracy of these polls it’s tough to know how much weight those results carry.

As to how much weight a council majority endorsement carries, it also seems worth noting that in the same KING 5 poll that shows McGinn trailing Murray by 22 percent, 43 percent of respondents say they disapprove of the job the City Council is doing.

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