‘Intoxicated Males’ Arrested After Spray Painting Jimi Hendrix Statue on Capitol Hill

Seattle Police say two “intoxicated males” went on a “spray painting spree from Broadway to downtown last night,” including defacing the iconic Jimi Hendrix statue on Capitol Hill.

According to the SPD Blotter blog:

Just before 8:00 pm last night, officers from the East Precinct responded to reports of two intoxicated males spray painting the statue and nearby construction equipment in the 1600 Block of Broadway. According to witnesses, the two suspects entered a store and purchased spray paint, then left the store to deface the statue. The two then tagged the construction equipment, as well as a building, city utility box and signs. The two then boarded a Metro bus and headed downtown. Officers learned later that the suspects spray painted the bus they were on as they got off in the area of 8th Avenue and Olive Way. The driver was able to photograph the suspects doing damage to the bus and called it in. During that time, they continued to paint multiple buildings as they walked toward downtown.

The officers were able to view store surveillance video footage of the suspects buying the paint. While officers were conducting the initial investigation on Broadway, they were notified that King County Metro Transit Police had stopped two possible suspects at 3rd and Pike. The officers relocated to that location, along with several witnesses. All of the witnesses positively identified the two detained men as the correct suspects. In addition to the positive identification by witnesses, one of the suspects had cans of spray paint in his pocket and backpack.

They both had paint on their hands and clothes.

According to police the two young lads, ages 20 and 21, were booked into the King County Jail for investigation of property damage..

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