Meet The Piranha Shop’s New Booker: Faustine Hudson!

Wrapping up a recent tour with the Maldives, Seattle’s busiest drummer, Faustine Hudson—formerly of The Young Evils, Chain and the Gang, Pearly Gate Music, Ghosts I’ve Met, Shelby Earl, and Whalebones—is now booking acts at the Piranha Shop. She calls it “a pretty new development.” Given her fine taste in music, that’s a great boon for the event space. Additionally, Hudson is also a full-time nursing student, a part-time nanny, and bartends three nights a week. “I like to be a mover and a shaker,” she says. We just thought you’d like to know, you know, in case mowing the lawn and making dinner is a big accomplishment in your world. Don’t miss her first upcoming show next Saturday.

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