Ed Murray Releases New Star-Studded Mayoral Ad

Seattle Mayoral hopeful Ed Murray is getting into the TV game this week with the release of a new star-studded ad featuring former Gov. Chris Gregoire, former King County Executive Ron Sims, and City Councilmembers Bruce Harrell, Tim Burgess, Sally Clark and Jean Godden (among others).

Sticking with one of Murray’s constant campaign themes, the ad seems at least partially designed to highlight the growing list of local leaders who’ve endorsed the state Senator from Capitol Hill, driving home the idea that a Murray administration in City Hall could bring people together.

Of note, Pramila Jayapal, the former head and founder of OneAmerica, makes an appearance in Murray’s new ad, a development that has to sting the McGinn campaign given the effort the incumbent has put toward pushing for immigration reform.

Also of note, surely feeling the critiques of his recent debate performances, Murray blinks - or, at the very least, almost blinks - at least twice in his new ad. Research shows blinking is very humanizing. Almost blinking has to count for something.

Finally, not one to let his marriage equality victories go without mention, the Murray ad plays off of traditional marriage vows and those pledging their support for the challenger, making sure to state: “Because Ed Murray worked tirelessly to pass our historic marriage equality bill, what are people saying? I do!”

According to Murray campaign spokesperson Sandeep Kaushik, the new ad will appear on cable and online, and all told the week-to-week ad buy will be “more than $100,000.” The ad is expected to hit TV screens Wednesday.

Not to be outdone, today the McGinn campaign announced it has purchased an online advertising campaign on the Seattle Times website, which according to the McGinn campaign’s Aaron Pickus is designed to highlight “the mayor’s accomplishments and vision for Seattle’s future.” The online ads will take visitors to a new McGinn web page - mcginnformayor.com/why/.

“I got into politics because we all know government is too distant from the people it serves,” says McGinn on the new website, according to the press release. “You elected me because we have a shared vision of what can happen when people come together and agree on common goals. As promised, we have held over one hundred town halls, listening to people in every neighborhood. Your voice is now at the table. We are strong when we honor our diversity. Our values are what push us forward. We have been through some tough times together these past four years and we are stronger for it. Seattle is a special place because we are committed to working together so that everyone has a chance to share in our prosperity. All cultures who live in our city deserve respect, and we are committed to protecting this special place for future generations.”

Ballots will be mailed tomorrow, Oct. 16, for those playing at home. With Election Day coming up Nov. 5, perhaps one positive takeaway from all this is we’ll only have to endure the ad blitz for three more weeks.

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